Practical Training Programs @ BANGLADESH  SAFETY ACADEMY

The significance of practical training is more welcoming in industry as it is a kinesthetic learning process which develops better understanding on the concept. This will deepen the knowledge and create profound impact on the learners that will help them remember the concept for a long time. Hence by imparting practical training to candidates on Permit to Work (PTW), Authorised Gas Testing (AGT), Confined Space Attendant (CSA) and Fire Watcher (FW) we focus on creating competent & skillful workforce and make them eligible to undertake high risk activities.

Fire watcher

There has been an alarming rise in fire accidents, that, every day we either witness one such incident in our neighbourhood or hear it through mass Medias and social networks. Awareness on fire and safety has therefore become highly essential. The candidates who are genuinely interested to develop their skills in safe fire prevention techniques can enroll with BANGLADESH  SAFETY ACADEMY for a short term vocational course on Fire Watcher.

Confined Space Attendant

Working in confined spaces like storage tanks, sewers, tunnels, pipelines etc. without proper training and support have caused serious injuries to employees. BANGLADESH  SAFETY ACADEMY offers Job Oriented tailor made practical training program on Confined Space Attendant and discusses the requirements for practices and procedures to protect the employees entering the confined space from hazards.