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Welcome To Safety Academy

Safety Academy is a non-profit training organization, established in 2021 to provide engaging, meaningful, and convenient safety training opportunities for Bangladesh’s workforce. We are the safety training academy with a team of dedicated safety professionals who are trained and capable in the implementation of workplace safety and local regulatory compliance.

Safety Academy Meaning of a logo

- Green stands for coexistence (with our partners).

- Red stands for passion (the hearts of our employees).

- Blue stands for Samsung.

The logo implies that partners, employees, and Samsung work together to achieve the goal of zero major industrial accidents.

Safety Academy Motto

- Join the Safety Academy to be Aware, Behave, and Cultivate.

Safety Academy Overview

Safety Academy Overview


- Four training centers for different themes and an auditorium (Total area: 1,694.8 square meters)

- Experience Zone #01, Experience Zone #02, Experience Zone #03, Experience Zone #04.

Training Curriculum

- Target: Field workers, Supervisors, Engineers, Managers of our partner companies, and other human resources.

- Courses: In-house safety training & courses, and others.