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Company Safety and Health Policy

Company policy:

At SAMSUNG C&T Safety Academy, protecting the health & safety of our workers, staff, clients and others are regarded as the highest priority and constitutes the basic principles of our business. We are committed to building a Safety First culture by complying with legal and other requirements to prevent incidents.

Recognizing that health and safety are of the utmost value and should not be compromised in any circumstances, SAMSUNG C&T Safety Academy will:

  • Encourage executives to continuously demonstrate leadership and commitment to health and safety
  • Communicate the values and objectives of health and safety management with employees and reflect workers’ opinions in policies
  • Ensure elimination of hazards and reduction of health and safety risks prior to any work
  • Raise safety awareness of staff and workers by providing training and promoting specialized education programs for different levels
  • Create healthy, safe and pleasant working environment and make effort for continual improvement
  • Build a culture that values safety in every activity and encourages consultation and participation



Our Management will provide top-level support for safety program initiatives. For the purpose of creating a safer and healthier workplace, they will take into account all employee suggestions. Our Management will regularly review the project's safety and health program and will keep up with workplace safety and health concerns.


Our strong supervisory team contributes to a positive work environment and enables employees to be and feel successful providing your organization with a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talented employees. It detects potential hazards earlier and allows you to create mitigation and response plans to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Safety Committee:

Our Safety Committee was setup to deals and promote workplace safety and health matters, in particular, in regard to the Safety profession in the construction industry context, and with a focus on occupational safety. The Safety Committee works closely and provides constructive feedback to management in promoting the adoption of acceptable practices relating to Health and Safety in the workplace.


Based on this health and safety policy, all employees and subcontractors must understand the importance of health and safety. We must prevent incidents and secure a healthy and safe work environment with active investment and participation.