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We are providing best world class safety training in Bangladesh with international quality standard. Join with us for receiving your high value faculty safety training service and user satisfaction.


Construction Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Exhibition


Recognize the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the projects and Industries employees. 


Main point:

•Safety rules training when operating various equipment

•Positioning signalman and training the role of signalman when operating equipment

•Training on correct work standards for each equipment

•Education on accidents related to heavy equipment collision accidents


Safety Harness and Fall Experience


Recognizing the importance of wearing safety harness and the difference of harness types through experience of falling and hanging after wearing safety harness.


Main point:

•Training on the importance of wearing safety harness

•Training on proper wearing of safety harness

•Training on differences in harness (full and upper body type)by type

•Accident case education due to not wearing safety harness


Crane Simulator (Rigging & Lifting)


Train prevention of crane collapse accidents that may occur when working on cranes and ropes, and familiarize yourself with proper method of working on ropes.


Main point:

•Trainings on prevention of crane collapse

•Training on the correct method of working on the rope according to type of heavy objects

•Training on how to use of wire rope and sling belt and other tools, timing of replacement, and safety standards